Name that mathematician

Here are the answers. Please don't kill me if you think they're bad. Come up with your own! I will add on as I get good ones. Or at least, ones no worse than these.
  1. What you shouldn't put before the horse.

    Descartes (the cart)

  2. Smack those singers with cream & crust.

    Pythagoras (Pie the chorus)

  3. He's one away from being nothing.

    Zeno (one off from "zero")

  4. Wealthy rancher

    Richard Guy (rich herd guy)

  5. Criminal's modus operandi


  6. What a de-louser looks for.

    Liebnitz (live nits)

  7. Lubricator.

    Euler (for those not in the know, this mathematician's name is pronounced "oiler". Now you have joined the secret mathematicians' fraternity.)

  8. Antisocial guy with a transcendental number.

    Hermite (hermit + e)

  9. Relatives croak like frogs.

    Ken Ribet (kin ribbit)

  10. Not able to row.

    Cantor (can't oar)

  11. Bridge over imaginary Greek and Roman foes.

    Archimedes (Arch + i + medes)

  12. He'll plead to determine your size.

    Lebesgue (le beg)

  13. Split him, and you'll hear sheep and a request to enter.

    Banach (baa + knock)

  14. Many bands spend their time doing this.

    Turing (touring)

  15. Proof that those Scandinavians sure know how to tat.

    Laplace (Lapp + lace)

  16. The stack of paper is ready to go.

    Riemann (ream on)

  17. The bottom of the flower paid for its rule.

    L'Hopital (low petal)

  18. You ruin my cold!

    Markov (mar cough)

  19. What Gallup likes to do.

    Polya (poll ya)

  20. What mah momma done.

    Ptolemy (tol' me)

  21. What I do on my winter vacations in La Brea.


Mary Pat Campbell, last updated 4 Sept 2000