26 May 2001 
The Springtime Song 
(a.k.a. Flowers Wilting)...  the tune should be evident 
Flowers wilting on the city walks 
Pollen tickling my nose 
Humid air gums my skin, curls my hair  
and gals stick to their pantyhose -- 
Everybody knows 
the snot that drips from red nostrils 
Runs through day and into night  
Itchy eyes burning into my head 
I bet I look quite a fright 
I know that Zyrtec saves the day 
Claritin makes sniffles go away 
and those with allergies wait to see 
if the FDA will make them OTC 
And so I'm offering this simple phrase 
Until Allegra kicks in too 
Though it's been said many times-- many ways--- 
Happy Springtime - achoo! 
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