19 July 2001 
Just a short comment, and a song (which is on livejournal already, so you 
can skip it if you've already seen it.) 
Brenda recently sent me a link to one of the many womyn web weenies, and it 
also referred to siliconsalley.com, which, as far as my netscape is 
concerned, doesn't exist.  So it seems that siliconsalley has this bad habit 
of interviewing varying contentless wonders, and this particular weenie 
admitted to contentlessness, in these words: 
		"Now that the internet and the 
                 information age has given us the opportunity to say 
                 whatever we want and reach thousands of people, the 
                 next challenge is figuring out what to say. " 
My lord, I've always had something to say.  It's just that my potential 
audience was somewhat limited.  I've learned that many people don't like to 
have a mini-lecture imposed on them (okay, I knew it before, but it didn't 
stop me) -- now, people have to decide for themselves whether they want to 
listen to an extended meep monologue. 
So, welcome to marypat.org, and if you wish to be inflicted with info on 
things like the difference between squid & octopus (I was wrong when 
consulting my own brain, I later consulted better sources), weird shit in 
your brain, or stuff about codes, this may very well be the place to 
come.  Why don't you hop over to my comment box and tell me what you 
want.  I'm here to serve.   
Still, I'm gonna lecture on what I want to lecture on. 
So here's the song: 
(kinda like Janis Joplin's "Mercedes-Benz" song, but not exactly like) 
                                          i've been walkin the streets 
                                          of new york city 
                                          i'm tired in my soul  
                                          in my heart and my feet 
                                          i've been lookin around 
                                          in this cruel, cold city 
                                          lookin for someplace 
                                          that doesn't serve meat... 
                                          (that's the refrain by the way) 
                                          i went to zen palate 
                                          to see what they had 
                                          it was bland, uninspiring 
                                          can i just say it's bad 
                                          they must think that vegans  
                                          have just one taste bud 
                                          there ain't no way i'm taking 
                                          friends to eat this here crud 
                                          then i went to that place  
                                          just down the street 
                                          where you can get cheap falafel  
                                          (and if you want to, some meat) 
                                          belly-fillin and crunchy 
                                          but now i must moan 
                                          good lord, man does not  
                                          live by falafel alone. 
                                          so come to my house 
                                          for vittles so fine 
                                          of tofu, tvp  
                                          (and some good table wine) 
                                          we'll spice you right up 
                                          and if it's too hot for you 
                                          you can douse out that fire 
                                          non-dairy sour cream will do. 
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