20 Aug 1996 
Hmm.  I really kept up with that journal thing.  That last note, two 
months ago, was at the beginning of my REU thing, and now I'm at the end.  
I am leaving to go to New York City (!) this Saturday. 
Things went kinda well for my research, etc., but various circumstances 
have dampened my enjoyment.  I killed a keyboard, one of my 
accomplishments with the most impact. 
Ick.  Don't you hate it when there's too much estrogen (& testosterone) in 
your system?  I know I do. (Andy Rooney whine mode off) 
This summer I've managed to go to the East Caribbean, England, and my 
grandma's house.  All were good trips, though that last one was a little 
short.  I think I've convinced my uncle that we need to kick grandma out 
for a week so we can clean out the attic & the 3 storage sheds.  I found 
my grandma's old college notebooks from 1972.  Very interesting.  I'm 
going to type up a transcript, but I'm not showing it to anybody unless 
she says it's okay... 
So here's my idea/plan: I don't have much to do in New York, seeing how 
I'm on a fellowship and am not required to work, so I'll take up the 
example of Barbie and write down daily thoughts.  Sorry, guys, I won't be 
revealing deep, dark secrets.  Just stuff you would have heard from my 
mouth if I was still in Raleigh.  That way I don't have to email everybody 
the same story over and over and then I lose track of who knows what.  
Feel free to return the favor by sending all gossip that comes your way.  
Inquiring minds want to know! 
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