25 Sept 96 
Sometimes one can fight the good fight, but you really need to know when  
to give up.  Homework sucks.  My hairdo was giving me a headache; those  
Amish ladies must be really irritable, considering their hair is pulled so  
tight.  And my back hates me.  It tells me to quit trying to touch my  
Anyway, I'm going up two floors to the lounge to chill and =I'm not taking  
the damn elevator!=  Man, I could shoot some of the people around here.   
I'm just waiting for all the elevators to be out of order one of these  
days; or even better, have only one in service.  I bet that would be a  
So, obviously, nothing new to tell.  Just felt like bitching. 
(Osiris, I'm going to take your throne!) 
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