27 Sept 96 
Well, September is winding down and so am I.  Man, it sucks not having  
drinking buddies here.  I mean, there's my cousin, but he's gone this  
weekend.  thbt. 
There's a book festival this weekend (New York is Book Country) that I  
believe I'll take advantage of, I have my weekly trek to the farmer's  
market, and I get to do the second reading at Mass.  I think I might  
actually get homework done this weekend so that next week won't be a  
reprise of this one. 
I really love the academic world, and I hope I get to stay in it.  Anyone  
in charge of hiring at State, remember to keep a position open for me in a  
few years...I wanna go back! (to NCSU....I wanna go back to Raleigh  
Ma has got the doggies on a strange diet, but evidently they love it.   
Broccoli, cottage cheese, fresh cut garlic, organic apple cider, etc.   
Hell, they're eating better than me!  I just get to have noodles in their  
infinite variety -- with worcestershire sauce, with spaghetti sauce, part  
of pasta salad, cup o noodles, ramen, .... I've been eating bananas,  
chomping on carrots, and inhaling string cheese (oh, that stuff is good!)  
and of course, my bottle o wine per week.... 
mmmmmmmmm..... wine...... 
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