5 Nov 97 
	I have discovered the secret location of the next Krispy Kreme.   
It had better open before next year.  I WANT HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW! 
	On another note, I got to use one of the old-fashioned  
lever-controlled voting booths yesterday.  It is a little irritating  
waiting for a booth, but I assume that next year they will have more  
booths.  Or at least during the next Presidential election.  It feels kind  
of good pulling that lever -- perhaps from the phallic symbology, or  
perhaps because it feels like flushing a toilet without the sound effects. 
	This morning I eschewed my normal skinflint ways of using the  
generic (bright pink / industrial soap-smelling) liquid soap that the gym  
provides in favor of _real_ shampoo, _real_ conditioner, _real_ Bath &  
Body Works Aromatherapy body gel, _real_ Mostly Men facial wash.  And the  
result?  My skin is no softer, my hair feels about the same.  I must agree  
with Consumer Reports: the only difference between using dishwashing  
liquid or general liquid soap and all these niche products is the scent.   
Which, actually, I'm willing to pay for.  Peppermint and Eucalyptus,  
	That reminds me, I heard that one of the most positive scents to  
wear (being a woman wanting to attract a man) is cinnamon.  I think I'll  
just make some of my applesauce tonight and dab a bit behind my ears.... 
	A new culinary adventure awaits me in the few days it will take me  
to defrost my beefalo london broil.  I have no idea what beefalo is.  The  
farmer had some pics of the cows, and they looked like regular cows.   
Supposedly this meat has lower fat/cholesterol than your average beef.   
I'll try it and see. 
	I've entered about 100 on-line contests, and what have I gotten?  
A rather nice pen and the Nabisco Thing.  I want to win some Omaha Steaks 
dammit!  This is proof to me that there are too many people on the net.  
Go away!  Let me win!  
	And that concludes the random ramblings for today.  Time to make  
the carrot bread (ick.) 
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