31 July 99 
So let's see, the month is about out -- just wanted to put one more notice 
up.  So I need to write down the topics I saw these last two weeks... (or 
heard about and want to comment on) 
Sherman Stein -- Equidissection, 2-adic valuations, Sperner's Lemma 
P-adic numbers (did I write that before??) 
Mark & Mira -- How to prove things 
Linda -- Sliding & Bumping Algorithms 
Tomas -- Ramsey Theory 
Bob Sumner -- Computer Graphics 
Noah -- time dependent Newton's Law (can make a perpetual motion 
Looks like my apartment deal may come through, no prob.  More on that next 
week.  Ma & John & Stu oh my! (& maybe Cin) will be there the week I get   
back & the deals have to go down...and also that week the A/C is going to 
be off in Courant.  Looks like I'm gonna have to get creative in cooling 
options again. 
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