3 October 99 
Let me tell you - I have learned =so= many ways that one has to deal with 
construction on the F line.  Better damn well be Queens-bound F tonight. 
I almost ended up in Brooklyn this time.  I don't know if the 7 or the G 
is worse. 
So when I get to Courant, I find that something very loud and 2001-ish is 
being played on the other side of the building in Gould Plaza (hey - why 
would I approach the building from the east side?  because the E train was 
running on the N line.  Now you know) -- so I walk over to the other side 
- and see a guy seemingly conducting two tympani players.  But there's 
definitely brass going on - I can't see where they are.  And then I look 
up - they're on top of the Campus Eatery roof & one of the Stern roofs... 
anyway, they're doing Thus Spake Zarathusra (whatever) for the NYU 2000 
celebration on Friday.  I'm gonna be there.  There had better be free 
food, dammit!  Anyway, obvious music choice, and I'm expecting that some 
people will be partying like it's 1999.  I will be partying like I've got 
an hour trip back on a questionable subway line. 
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