28 Oct 99 
So I haven't written in a while, so sue me. 
I'm listening to an odd interview -- it started out with one person asking 
the questions (the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary asking 
questions of Simon Winchester, the author of a book called The Professor 
and the Madman) and now it has switched.  The editor first asked 
Winchester on his book, and now Winchester is asking the editor about 
working on the OED. 
This interview/discussion is at the tail end of an audiobook that I won in 
a raffle from NY is Book Country... Hunt for Red September (one filled in 
blanks with words, and circled letters spelled out September. pretty easy) 
I like winning things. 
So, a digital phone has been foisted upon me.  Stuart & Ma want to be able 
to call me anytime.  I'm glad the phone is small, it fits easily in my 
pocket.  In fact, I think my wallet is bigger than the phone. 
So I can live the totally nomadic life.  Mailbox at Mailboxes, etc.  Cell 
phone.  Stuff in storage at Storage USA.  If I put most of the rest of my 
stuff in storage, I could live totally nomadically.  Just pull my suitcase 
around (I'd buy a new suitcase with a handle that works) and sleep in the 
library here or the Commuter Lounge.  Let's see, I think it would cost me 
about, hmmm, 90 + 30 + 130 = 250 a month, about how much I paid for my 
part of the rent in Raleigh.  Not quite as satisfactory, I think. 
Anyway, it's time to make the donuts, so I better get going. 
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